How to make a better experience for the guests in the new era

bar culture in the rise of the country, many cities opened a bar, and which can be grasped to meet the needs of contemporary people for the bar? How can we get the favor of customers? Wrong to learn Arnold.

the empty glass in the eyes of others, it is waiting for the present wonderful works of the blank canvas in DaveArnold. In the fashion capital of New York, Arnold created a fashion bar BookerandDax. For him, each prepared a cocktail like in the completion of a liquid Art: whether Manhattan, Martini or Margaret, from the birth of his hands are called cocktail almost meticulously painted scroll, cocktail with the cup body shaking and stirring, each sip can taste different flavors and rich subtle differences.

in addition to the torch of flowers, there are a lot of every kind of "weapons" in the hands of Arnold, such as the rotary evaporator centrifugal separator, separation of solid and liquid mixture in the treatment of low temperature distillation, and liquid nitrogen cooling tool released by stable precise goblet.

in fact in the bar industry, BookerandDax is not only a use of technology development and enjoy the cocktail bar, there are many peers are trying the same way, for example, is located in Cambridge City, Massachusetts Café ArtScience bar, Washington and Chicago Barmini bar, Aviary bar.

Café ArtScience is the first with the new food intake machine LeWhaf bar, the machine can be converted to liquid wine intake can curl human respiratory gas. Barmini bar is used a uniform device use the ultrasound technology to crush the food, this device can release sonic extraction, emulsion injection, food, but also to create as many years in oak fermented taste.

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