How to manage the chain store

many enterprises will have their own warehouse, so if the goods arrived, how to manage the goods? This is a headache for many enterprises. Chain store how to manage goods? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

1. store management work

(1) order operation

shop order operation refers to the store according to the order plan to the headquarters of the distribution center or the headquarters of the designated manufacturers and their own procurement unit to call the goods activities.

chain store how to manage goods? In general, the headquarters of the chain will be unified for each store ordering time every day to ensure that the order of the operation of the plan. Can be used in the form of orders, telephone, fax, electronic ordering system and other forms. With the development of the standardization of chain operation in China, the EOS ordering system will eventually be adopted. Ordering information summary headquarters or to convey the vendor, by the headquarters to distribute goods or direct distribution by the manufacturer.

(2) purchase operation

store purchase refers to the order to the manufacturer or distribution center to receive or acceptance of goods, so that goods into the store or warehouse.

(3) acceptance work

chain store how to manage goods? Acceptance of the work can be divided into the source of the purchase of the manufacturers distribution acceptance, distribution and acceptance of the headquarters of the self acceptance.

chain store how to manage goods? The distribution in the library now has headquarters so clear, headquarters and distribution of goods to the stores, without the acceptance of the inventory, only by the store immediately cover chapter and acceptance of shop sign, if the store to check afterwards found error, can identify and tune up the headquarters. Vendor distribution and procurement to the spot to check out, to issue the relevant certificates, headquarters designated manufacturers direct distribution, unified settlement by the headquarters, to purchase from the store to the settlement.

(4) return operation

return is mainly because of poor quality goods, ordered the wrong goods, send the wrong goods, products for expired products, unsalable goods etc.. The return operation can be matched with wholesale operations, the purchase will return back to return by the way. When you return, we must first identify the source of returned goods; secondly to fill in repaying the change orders, such as the name, quantity, indicating the reason, return requirements; finally, to inform the manufacturer in advance, to vendors timely treatment.

2. store inventory management

chain store how goods

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