Henan housing construction of the first shares gold shares directly three new board

economic construction and development, can not be separated from the development of enterprises. Henan Province in order to promote the further development of the economy, the new three board enterprises to improve visibility and visibility, in order to get more attention, greater development. Now, let’s look at the details.

watch three new board "series of activities — a survey of Henan three new board enterprise will be in the afternoon of May 28th in the construction and development of Limited by Share Ltd into gold. By the Henan, a number of mainstream media, well-known investment institutions, banks, brokerage firms, capital markets and other service organizations composed of research groups, will be on the construction site visits, exchange interviews, special reports, etc..

gold residential construction and development of Limited by Share Ltd is the first unit of Henan housing construction, in February 23, 2016 formally entered the new three board, stock code 836030, the stock referred to as gold shares. Main business for the general contracting of housing construction, municipal general contracting, decoration, decoration and other professional contracting.

gold shares in 2015 operating income of 310 million, net profit of 14 million. Under the 2016 three new board in the power of the capital markets, corporate revenues will increase significantly, and the positive direction of upgrading transformation, now form a basic business: Housing construction general contracting business innovation as the core, green residential, BIM technology, 3D printing is the transformation and upgrading of financial services, integrated enterprise development highlights supply chain finance, equity investment.

gold shares in the traditional industry transformation and upgrading of benchmarking enterprises, the young executive team and innovative development ideas, will become another star in the capital market tomorrow.

by the activities aimed at improving Henan new three business exposure and visibility, help enterprises to shape the corporate image of the capital market in the market shocks, the capital market docking needs, solve the financing and liquidity problems etc..

watch three new board "long-term and effective, Henan three new board business free registration to participate in research activities, and invites institutions or individual investors, capital market factors such as the active participation of mining, Henan three new board enterprise investment value, to achieve a win-win situation. Through the dispatch of Henan WeChat or call the registration phone (usually 18603869508 teacher).

this event held in Henan, for the new three Board companies are of great significance. Not only can improve their exposure and visibility, and in the exchange of learning, it will be easier to find suitable for their own development path.

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