Good service needs to light up

may not be aware of, perhaps is not the same thing as service, in short, now some shops despite a good service, but did not form their own characteristics, also not to be able to attract more consumers. This is no doubt that the operation of the store is a loss, so that the real good service is the need to light up.

due to taking into account the location of the store is located next to the residential area, plus the two floor is an Internet cafe, so from November to the next year in the past year, in March and April, I will be selling a cup of cup of tea. However, it is disappointing: Although I will put this tea in the most eye-catching position in the store, but also for each customer to buy milk tea free of charge to provide boiling water service, but this milk sales have been unsatisfactory. With a cup of 30 to calculate, a few months down, can sell 5 pieces is very good.

, however, this year because of a small object – free of charge to provide the appearance of a water sign, so that this situation has been greatly improved.

wanted to do a free boiling water sign, from an experience of selling bottled instant noodles. On that day, a customer has not yet opened the door and shouted: "boss, do you have hot water?" Although unknown, but I quickly answered "". Hear me say "yes", came to the door. Originally, he is going to buy a bucket of instant noodles to eat, afraid encounter bought face but not boiling water bubbles embarrassed, so he came up with a ask in buying before, which is a boiling water to which way to buy.

to eat a bucket of instant noodles is really not easy. The customer to buy the bucket when the concerns, so that her husband to think of the same need to boil water, milk tea, that there is no want to drink milk tea but because there is no fear of water and give up the purchase of customers? If it is true, we do not provide free water service to play out for.

found the crux of the problem, the husband immediately made a free supply of water tips card, next to the tea. Not to mention, this idea is small, but the effect is quite obvious. Take a piece of milk tea, the first day of the afternoon to open the package, two days after the only remaining seven or eight cups, and this sales rate has never been before. More exciting is, put a sign, the store is also increase sales of bottled lot.

although it is just more than a prompt card, but the effect is completely different, this is what we did not expect. The sign I bring is not only the sales promotion, it is in my income at the same time, also let me clear: in the daily operation, we provide our customers with services not only to be careful to put in place, it will be expressed in the light. In order to allow customers to fully enjoy, we have to set up the original intention of these services.

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