Can not wait for the customer to do business

if a store location is very good, as a shopkeeper, how to find customers? Some shopkeepers are waiting for customers, so business under the current competitive social background is no way to success. So, doing business is not waiting for the customers, the business but a taboo.


, I often think that their store location is also good, so like jiangtaigong fishing, wait for the customer. But did not expect, the store’s revenue gradually reduced. Through summarizing the experience and lessons, I think the good business should be good at "look around".

at first, I think that companies need to buy goods to a large supermarket to buy, it is impossible to patronize such a small store. Therefore, I do not mind the enterprise users. There is a small garment factory near my shop. One day, when a buyer comes to the shop, he says that the line of a certain color in the workshop is exhausted. After listening to me, they asked in detail what kind of specification of the line used more, specifically to buy some, and in the store alone. Later, as long as there is a need, the garment factory buyer will come to my shop. Slowly, I signed a contract with the garment factory, specifically to help them purchase silk.

not only that, as long as we are good at observation, a lot of attention, you will find that business opportunities really exist in every corner of our lives. In addition, there are a lot of business opportunities next to the store. For example, there are a few flowers near the shop and wedding supplies, I contact with the owner, to provide information to tap the market potential. "People are free to give birth to grass, a good harvest." As long as we use our brains, be good at "left hope", the business also worry do not good?

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