Experience in opening a maternity store

pregnant woman is the home of the big baby, you need to give more care, pregnant women to buy clothes to consider the style, but also to consider the quality, many pregnant women in the time to buy clothes like pregnant women to buy a store. Pregnant women are also equipped with specialty stores, we look at.

"now maternity and not every brand sell very well, or is that too few varieties are either poor quality or style, too monotonous, of course, if the unreasonable pricing, will cause the loss of customers." Miss Wang admits.

"I was just pregnant, husband drove the car to take me to the streets around several laps to get fit and maternity, this let me see the opportunity and the market. At that time, I had an idea, I can also open a maternity store brand." Miss Wang said proudly.

Compared with ordinary

"when the light of the monthly turnover can reach 20 thousand yuan, when the season is 20 thousand yuan net profit." Miss Wang said with a smile.

operating maternity store brand is not necessarily to be elected in the center of the downtown area, but the best is near the hospital and the flow of people is relatively large street, there is a point worth.

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