Can you offer a takeaway service at the beverage store

is now the number of streets and lanes beverage shop is really huge, everywhere, if you wait for the customers, is unable to guarantee profits. Because of this, there are a lot of drinks in the restaurant to consider the takeaway service. So, can we get a takeaway service at the beverage store?

beverage stores the largest source of profits is selling drinks, if the composition of the business secret, can only say that the content is not the same, I provide delivery service, especially for office buildings, schools, training institutions and three types of customers.

first, office. Now there are many communities around the office, there are many companies, the number of customers is certainly not more than CBD District, but also more competitors CBD circle, the average number of guests to each store may not have me here. The office is most office workers, they often at two or three in the afternoon to some drink, one is to relax; and lift their spirit, just this time, the business volume I stores is not large, it can meet the takeout business, it will enhance customer viscosity.

also, I launched the strategy is single cup to charge 2 yuan service fee, and the total amount of more than 60 yuan, free door-to-door service fee, 2 yuan in charge of profit improvement of little significance, the key is through this small strategy, can enhance the individual’s customers profit, now I give the Office send takeout, daily four or five single, every single sixty or seventy yuan, gross profit also increased.

secondly, school. Now the students are too delicate, sometimes a school in order to enrich the students’ extracurricular life, held a game, games and so on, the students do not drink mineral water, direct drink, don’t look at high frequency, but a single passenger volume is not low, this year 51, a middle school held a spring season games. Only during the games, I sold nearly a thousand drinks.

third, training institutions. The training institutions surrounding communities. At the end of the week will be held some audition, some organizations with the intention of parents and students to listen, listen to sometimes seems the service is not in place, so the parents or students training institutions will sometimes to drink some drink to audition. It is said that this can improve their turnover rate, in any case, they have demand, is my chance to make money.

now take up about 35% of the total daily volume of business, I was a big profit weapon.

in addition, I opened the beverage shop is not a franchise, so the entire store space I have discretionary power, advertising has become an invisible income point.

, for example, some education and training institutions, private kindergartens, real estate agents and other places will be prominently advertised in the store, I generally monthly charges, a month to collect 3000 – 5000 yuan ranging from advertising

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