Personal entrepreneurship to do what good these projects who do who earn

a lot of people want to start a business, there are many individual entrepreneurial projects, but not all projects have prospects. You must be thinking, what do you do? If you haven’t found your own project, you might as well take a look at these items.

female supplies is a huge industry, Chinese currently has 600 million women, aged between 12-45 years old 300 million. According to authoritative statistics, in 2002, the total sales of Chinese women’s products more than 80 billion yuan, and an annual growth rate of up to 19%.

as some of the solemn business suit, suits, jackets, coats and so on, can also operate some shoes and hats, ties, scarves and other elderly living goods, can also operate the elderly favorite fabric, sewing master please one or two good old clothing for the elderly, custom clothing etc..

this product for the appearance of pink ball, can capture and absorb harmful gas molecules in the air, and through the chemical reaction of harmful gas molecules into non-toxic, odorless reaction products, at the same time public pink spherical particles into brown, color change and eliminate the harmful gas is proportional to the amount of.


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