Jiangxi Shangli to create a unique platform for women entrepreneurs

with the rise of women’s status, entrepreneurship is no longer exclusive men. Of course, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs in terms of entrepreneurship is very confused, do not want to do poineering work. To this end, Jiangxi County, Shangli, through training and other means for women to create high-quality entrepreneurial venture platform, so that local women compatriots benefit.

"loan discount" to help entrepreneurs. According to the needs of entrepreneurs to provide timely help in the capital, technology, information and other aspects, this year for entrepreneurs to provide "happiness project", "women’s development project" funds, issuance of government subsidized small secured loan of $19 million 980 thousand to help 285 women entrepreneurial success. Effective measures to help promote women’s participation in economic and social development, culture and in improving their own quality, to achieve poverty at the same time, harmonious and happy family also made a positive contribution to society.

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