Small business can consider opening a Popcorn Shop

popcorn snack snacks, not only children like to eat, young people met also want to try to open a popcorn shop, not much cost, is a real small business. Small business can consider opening a popcorn shop, which is very good, we look at.

investment analysis

storeThe location of

store layout

the popcorn shop area of about 5-7 square meters. The shop decorated with gleaming yellow rice, the popcorn and similar color, contrast each other. The lights in the shop should be bright, the owner is best to wear the color of the beige uniforms, in order to achieve harmony with the decorative color.

position can be placed close to the street, a small shelf, wrapped in the most conspicuous place on the shelves of popcorn. It is best to set a fan or fan in the shop, let the sweet smell of popcorn scattered, fresh fragrance is the signs to attract customers. Make and sell popcorn, and weekends and holidays are the most popular business, in addition, increased significantly every year winter, the summer students shopping, popcorn sales will be very prosperous, the operator should purchase sufficient raw materials, in order to cope with the increasing demand made.

popcorn is a puffed leisure food, quality is crisp, easy to digest, eat some does not hurt the stomach, the main varieties of rice flower, flowers, yellow popcorn, sorghum, wheat and rice flower flower Tofu pudding etc.. After the raw material is covered with sugar and milk, the rice flower can be made into different tastes. The above mentioned the use of different raw materials (rice, corn, sorghum, soybeans and wheat) popcorn, sugar or no sugar baking, baking, operators can choose according to demand. Such as rice or rice flower, in accordance with the Chinese habit for sugar made from strips. From the Western Wei into the popcorn recommended

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