How to stand out for female entrepreneurship

Match 8 Women’s Day for women is a happy day, but also need to continue the struggle for the cause of women, entrepreneurship is a craze in now therefore, CPPCC members discussed how to make female employment talent shows itself.

3 8 is the international working women’s day, in today’s employment situation is not optimistic about the environment, women in the employment and entrepreneurship in the army, to find the right role?

3 on Sept. 7, 4 NPC deputies and CPPCC members Sanxiang reporter guest in Beijing NPC and CPPCC, female employment weapon.

Good at

leveraging cooperation and developmentThe new wave of public venture, the highly innovative

At the same time, where

to have insight in the professional field

"in our school more than 25 thousand people, more than seventy-five percent of all women." The National People’s Congress, Changsha Medical University, chairman and President He Binsheng told reporters that their school women far more than men, the school has a school of nursing, more than 8 thousand people, all girls.

"because women are physiologically different and men, the government should give women some help in policy, the allocation of resources, capital, knowledge, professional characteristics, combined with the characteristics of female entrepreneurship, employment guidance." He Binsheng said that, in addition, the key to the employment of women in their overall quality and ability. "On their own professional fields insightful, insightful, outstanding achievements, practical ability, such women will be able to find the most suitable post."

choice for women post

"very frankly, it plays the role of the whole society, the female comrade career, dry out the results, should pay more." Dragon phoenix.

Longfei Feng believes that the majority of girls in the choice of jobs, can be more consistent with the gender characteristics and their special recommendation

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