What should be done to retail households

is a setback to retreat, a difficulty is alarmed, if is such a kind of mentality, in the current competitive market to do business, it is facing a lot of difficulties. In fact, with the rapid development of society, retail business as a service industry has also been rapid development, such as springing up, resulting in fierce competition. At the same time, as the country continues to be in the new economy, the weak market economy is difficult to stimulate the consumer market, it is difficult to promote the consumer market is hot, and thus exacerbated the fierce competition in the retail business. So at this stage in order to do a good job in retail management is not easy, is the need for a certain spirit, specifically the following points:

a firm belief.

affected by many factors, the current social impetuous, many people pursue money, the money is higher than all, the lack of due social morality and the correct values of life. Social impetuous, people shaking, making many people try their best to catch gold, the pursuit of enjoyment. Of course, if is through legitimate means, legal means to make money, but the problem is there is no ground for blame, many people ignore the law, with money, illegal profits, complete loss of society under the rule of law should be the bottom line. In fact, our retail clients groups, such as the There are plenty of people who are. Especially the new normal in the current economy, affect the consumer’s passion in retail management situation is not optimistic, retail income poor, some even fell sharply and even on the verge of closing the collapse of the state, which greatly affect the retailer passion.

as a result, many retailers lack of faith, can not bear the poor, not lonely. Some retailers are thinking about how to make money, how to make big money. As for the money, they break the law have occurred when use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Shoddy, inferior to superior when circumstances have occurred, there is fraud, trick customers to maximize the maintenance of their own interests, to earn more money.

in the cigarette business as an example, the many retailers ignore the "tobacco monopoly law", to repurchase, cigarette smuggling, involved in counterfeiting and fan Jia really smoke, illegal circulation etc.. Think of this as a violation of the interests of consumers to safeguard their own interests in the conduct of business, can go far, it can be a long time? Therefore only firm respect law-abiding, integrity passion and quality service of faith, shameful behavior, get rid of lawless selfish, is the basis to ensure the smooth business smoothly.

two, excellence.

retail business in order to thrive, it must also have the spirit of excellence. The so-called "excellence" is a good demand for good, never satisfied, never stop. At this stage, due to the impact and interference of many factors, many retailers lack of confidence, interest is not strong, in the retail business is struggling to cope with, tend to passive situation, a serious lack of initiative, it seems to be the occupation >

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