Join venture to join this project is not optional

Now more and more people choose to join

to achieve business entrepreneurship shop when the boss, the current market to join the project in the face of this complex emerge in an endless stream, to join the information for investors, in choosing to join the project must be careful to avoid being cheated on, bring unnecessary losses. The following summary of the selection of ten projects to join the project, venture investors must pay attention to.

choose to join the project area: 1 franchise headquarters must be a registered legal entity rather than a natural person, "join the project to make arrangements for the exclusion of self-employed.

choose to join the project area: 2 project charter mark must be registered trademark can be protected by law, no trademark registration (forbidden to join the project franchising project mark must be "R" instead of "TM", the former refers to the trademark has been approved by the national audit figure became a registered trademark, the latter refers to an application has been made, the State Trademark Bureau it has issued a "Notice of acceptance", but is not officially registered trademark).

choose to join the project area: 3 franchise headquarters must be able to come up with scientific and detailed Market Research Report and complete business model, only selling a concept of entrepreneurial projects banned.

choose to join the project area 4: the number of headquarters outlets inadequate to join the project 20 of the ban.

choose to join the project area 5: headquarters outlets has not yet profitable projects banned.

choose to join the project area: 6 Franchise Manager (or director or commissioner) to ensure that the project 100% to make money for my own franchise project banned.

choose to join the project area: 7 headquarter has no fixed place of work, or join the manager will not allow franchisees to visit the headquarters of the forbidden project.

choose to join the project area 8: want to join the identity of the investors, credit and asset status without audit, it is forbidden to join the project off.

choose to join the project area 9: commitment to investors do not invest, but as long as they can introduce friends to join can also join the project to make money banned.

choose to join the project area 10: in the past few years was significant negative news broke off (such as headquarters and franchisee disputes, commodity quality problems) to join the project banned. Popular brands to join the opportunity less.

to join the business and entrepreneurship has become the most common of the two ways and means of entrepreneurship, and for these two entrepreneurial methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, for the lack of experience first

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