Ningbo to start a new deal to promote professional and technical personnel Entrepreneurship

is now all over the country are actively promoting the public entrepreneurship and the pace of innovation, in order to promote entrepreneurship in Zhejiang Ningbo people, especially those with professional and technical personnel can better business, on the introduction of a series of new deal.

2014 years, Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly made important instructions on mass innovation and entrepreneurship, the public entrepreneurship, innovation "to form a new impetus to the development of the" business "has become a hot word of national attention again.

8 7, a reporter from the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, recently, the Ningbo municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted sixty-sixth "on the development of the public record space to promote the implementation of public opinion innovation (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"". "Opinions" expressed support for professional and technical personnel and undergo on-the-job business, the original unit agreed at the same level of human social security departments for the record, 5 years can be retained in the original institutions and personnel relations.

it is reported that the "opinions" put forward: in 2020, Ningbo and strive to build 100 public space and a passenger service center, attracting 1000 agglomeration (home) angel investment of natural persons, angel investment institutions and venture capital institutions, registered incubator 10000 innovative Small and micro businesses etc..

for professional and technical personnel, the introduction of Ningbo venture 5 years sponsor

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