What is not a small store business

although a lot of people are thinking about doing business, however, if it is to do the real business, expensive store rent let many people stop. In fact, there are many kinds of small business, then, there is no need to store small business? Of course, today, I will introduce you to the small shop now do not have any of the business, there are entrepreneurs in this regard, to quickly understand it!

do not store the small business open shop

doing business online, do not take the unusual way, out of the ordinary, I have my request, "dress culture tide, cool, far, non mainstream" interpretation of the unique taste of modern men and women, from a number of clothing brands in carefully selected all kinds of classic style, and to create a "cheap fashion route of internationalization cool culture, fast fashion, enjoy carefully crafted to meet the needs of different consumer groups to spend less money to buy the brand" the pursuit of a "stingy" fashion rules.

do not store the small business family rental

open family rental shops, specifically for the elderly, the prospect is considerable. The main content of the project includes two aspects, one is the temporary rental "family members", to accompany the elderly chat, eating time, relieve their loneliness and loneliness; the two is to provide temporary services, such as shopping, cooking, shopping, accompanied by a doctor, escort. Rent a stationary front room, prepare a telephone and other necessary office supplies, and then hire a number of different levels of staff to open business. The hired staff usually can not work in the store, but need to be on call. Can also train a number of fixed service personnel to deal with the daily affairs of the store.

do not store a small business car stall

today, the evening in Guangzhou subway, overpass, streets and lanes, everywhere selling a variety of goods of small stands, the stall is well groomed young people, the sale of goods are mostly now young people love bags, clothes, shoes, small accessories etc.. Affected by the financial crisis, such a situation since last year. It is understood that these small stall, there are many white-collar workplace, they go to work during the day, in the evening after work, then turned to the smart small business people. Some vendors even driving a car, the car trunk opened into a mobile stalls, the people the impression that the family stands completely different.

do not store small business pet photography

do you like animals and enjoy photography?! Start a pet photography company! Dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, domestic animals, birds, and even fish, these pet owners can become your potential customers. You can join the service on a full-time or part-time form in the home studio or pet shop based, or recommended by

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