What are the obligations of operators

although each operator knows the need to treat consumers, consumers have their own interests. However, as an operator, want to provide a good service, nature also need to do their duty. So, what are the obligations of operators? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

as we all know, citizens have rights and obligations. Similarly, as a cigarette retail households, have the right to safeguard their own interests, but also the obligations prescribed by laws and regulations. According to the "consumer protection law": the operator has ten obligations: 1, operators to provide goods and services to consumers, shall fulfill their obligations in accordance with the provisions of the "law of the people’s Republic of China product quality law" and other relevant laws and regulations, but the two sides agreed not to violate the provisions of laws and regulations.

2, operators should listen to the views of consumers to provide goods and services, to accept consumer supervision. 3, the operator shall ensure that the goods or services supplied with ensure personal and property safety requirements; 4, the operator shall provide truthful information of goods or services to consumers, shall not make false and misleading propaganda. 5, the operator shall indicate its true name and mark. The operator who rents a counter or site shall indicate his true name and mark.

6, operators to provide goods or services shall, in accordance with relevant state regulations or commercial practices, issue a purchase or service voucher to consumers; 7, operators should ensure that in the normal use of goods or services under the provision of goods or services shall have the quality, performance, usage and term of validity shall guarantee that the actual quality of conformity; it provides goods and services and the quality of the mark.

8, operators to provide goods or services, in accordance with state regulations or the agreement with consumers, warranty, replacement and return or other liability shall, in accordance with state regulations or agreed to, shall not intentionally delay or unreasonably refuse. 9, a business shall not form contracts, notices, announcements, shop notices and other ways to make provisions to consumers unfair, unreasonable, or civil liability, reduce the damage from their legitimate rights and interests of consumers should bear; 10, the operator shall not insult or slander to consumers, consumers may not search the body and belongings. May not violate the personal freedom of consumers.

District, a supermarket owner admits: last winter, a female customer into the store to buy bread in the cooked food area. These foods are steamed private store distribution, the supermarket is only responsible for sales. Female customers bought Steamed Buns, while paying complaining: Steamed Buns is too small, there is something wrong with the color, really doubt whether adulteration. Arguably, consumers have views on food quality and quality complaints, is a normal phenomenon.

but I know this is the customer act, influence supermarket reputation, face to face with.

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