Shop to do business also need empathy

each person because of the different positions, the same thing will naturally have a great difference. In fact, thinking a topic he meant for having heard it many times, as we all know, is in the observation, thinking, dealing with problems, to put their own placed in each other’s point of view, the position of the other side. I think that retailers in the operation, but also should stand in the customer’s point of view of some more empathy, the business will be bigger and bigger, the better.

a few days ago, I went to the county where a home to the barber’s hair, because of the need to have some gray hair black, who knows the barber but while washing for the author said, you can buy a box of black home, or you call yourself slowly and give your family dyeing, do it not only you can save money, save your valuable time.

after listening to the author said with a smile: "you do not have money to earn". The barber smiled and said, "no, there are other places to earn money". Some people may say that the barber is really a stupid hat, money does not earn. But the author’s opinion, the barber is extremely clever, because he always for the sake of customers, which is probably why he did business!

In fact,

shop to engage in business, not for their own sake, for their own consideration, so that the interests of customers will be damaged, such a business man, you said that the business can do for a long time? The operator must have a long-term vision, as long as you for the sake of customers, stand in the position of customer to do business, rather than calculate everywhere customers, customers will recognize you this store, so you can get the customer’s "favor", how can business is prosperous! I remember, before I read an article, the title is "a small step in thinking, often a big step forward," said the truth.

in the face of shops lined streets and fierce competition in the market, more than a customer to retain a lot of their purchase of goods, then, how to retain customers? Some shopkeepers try to learn marketing knowledge, careful analysis of the market, to take various measures to engage in promotions, but often overlooked the most important customer experience, forget the most simple transposition thinking".

although now a lot of shops to operate to a profit target, however, if you want to make the store more long-term development, I think, in the stores, but always for the sake of customers, learn empathy, in order to truly grasp the customer, in order to win in the increasingly fierce competition in the market!

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