Yunnan announced employment and Entrepreneurship

is now a good social environment cannot do without a good business policy support, recently, in Yunnan, announced a new phase of the employment and the new deal, in order to promote entrepreneurial activities of the whole society.

clearly, to 2017, the province through help free up lending business loans, "two 100 thousand yuan" micro enterprise project, business park supporting measures to support more than 600 thousand entrepreneurs, by encouraging entrepreneurship to more than 1 million 500 thousand rural laborers; the implementation of the "business park construction plan" to in 2017, the province built 60 supporting all kinds of business groups of the city (Yunnan Industrial District), county town business park, 60 service park business park public record space, 100 services of various secondary schools, technical college campus entrepreneurship platform; the implementation of "special action, to poverty alleviation skills" in 2020, more than 1 million poor people in employment to help get rid of poverty.

opinions to encourage and support the country in accordance with the land use overall planning and urban planning, integration of land resources, revitalize the idle workshop and other facilities construction city (Yunnan Industrial District), county urban park, once identified, given a 1 million yuan of subsidies. Make full use of resources in the province’s Industrial Park, economic development zone, hi tech Industrial Development Zone, built a number of low cost, convenience, all elements, open space park public record, once identified, given 800 thousand yuan one-time grant funds. Secondary technical schools and technical colleges and universities to integrate and use all kinds of research bases, entrepreneurial laboratories and other resources to accelerate the construction of campus entrepreneurship platform, once identified, given a one-time subsidy of 500 thousand yuan.

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