Changting lead the majority of women actively join the electricity supplier Entrepreneurship

e-commerce has become the best way for rural women to start business, e-commerce is now more and more frequent. In Changting to support the employment of women is mainly e-commerce, in the policy guidance and help, a lot of family economy has been improved, Changting’s economy has also been a better development.


the county to help rural women’s income as the main line, make full use of all kinds of preferential policies for the government to encourage entrepreneurship, employment, guide and support their own occupation, self employment, flexible employment. Seize the rural county women’s Federation Alibaba Taobao project in Changting the opportunity to set up "women’s electronic commerce center, leading women actively into entrepreneurship employment.

actively held high technology, practical technology, standardized production, pollution-free agriculture, green certificates and other various categories of training, improve the scientific literacy of rural women and the transfer of employment and entrepreneurship. At present, the county held a total of 52 types of rural e-commerce, economic development and other types of forest training, women’s training up to 5800 passengers.

The rural labor force



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