How to make the customer into a shop

any one into the shop customers will buy goods? I think the answer should be very clear owner, for those who did not buy the goods of the customer, is undoubtedly the passing of the shop. In short, every day we will meet countless customers, some customers into the store shopping is purposeful, but some stories are no purpose. Some of them are into the store to stroll, some or in order to pass the time, may also have to wait for others.

for these people, if we had not heard of, so they may really be a traveler, in view of this situation, we should promptly close to her, through the recommendation and introduction of warm feeling, and then close their distance, and then let her from passive to active, thus becoming the real customer.

learn to praise retain passengers

praise indeed has a strong role, use it to treat customers, can harvest unexpected surprises. That day, there is a middle-aged woman walked into the supermarket, she moves to ease, a moment to look at this, and then went to see that she did not really want to buy what. However, I think we should communicate with her, so that she can become my supermarket customers.

so, I went over to her and said, "Hello, I’m the boss of the supermarket. May I help you?"" She smiled and said, "Oh, no, I just have a look." Then, I took the opportunity to say: "sister, your hair is really good, I would like to ask you where the hot ah, really beautiful!" She smiled and said, "in the salon near the finance bureau!" Then, I joked: "I’m not good-looking, hot you are not good-looking, you have temperament, plus more beautiful hair!"

she smiled again, I will go to do your own thing. An instant later, I found that the female traveler actually took a bottle of shampoo here this although this was what I expected, but also somewhat unexpected. Because I thought she would just buy a two or three dollar thing, who actually bought more than thirty yuan. It seems that my praise has played a role, and sent her away, my heart is very happy. But to my delight, the woman turned out to be a frequent visitor to my family. Her family condition is very good, every time to buy a lot of things. With such a large customer, I can not happy?

enthusiastic service touched traveler

for those who wander into the shop, I used to be dismissive, because it is not worthwhile to waste energy on them. However, nowadays, there are so many passengers, if only to allow them to quietly and quietly to have some pity. So, I’m going to keep them, since they take the initiative to enter my supermarket, I have to give them a good impression.

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