Changsha daily new registered market players 325

positive response to the national call "national entrepreneurship, innovation, society and people in all walks of life set off a wave of entrepreneurship. For this year’s wave of entrepreneurship, Changsha statistics show that the average daily registration of 325 new market players. On this news, we look at the relevant specific reports.

Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry today revealed that from 1 to April this year, the newly registered market in Changsha, the main body of nearly 40 thousand, an increase of 22.7%, the average daily registration of new market players.

"this is mainly due to the Changsha commercial system reform continued to force, simplify access, lower the threshold, effectively promote public entrepreneurship, innovation." Changsha city industry and commerce bureau party secretary, Secretary Zhuo Jinghua introduction, this year, a good momentum of social investment and entrepreneurship, continuous optimization of the industrial structure, new industries, new formats, new model to flourish.

from the industrial distribution, from 1 to April in the first industry, the second industry, the number of newly registered third industry market players were 588 households, 1553 households, 14055 households, which accounted for newly registered market players 3.6%, 9.6%, 86.8%. The third industry growth accelerated to 1 in April, the number of newly registered enterprises third year-on-year growth of 33.5%, "Internet plus" and the emerging service industry has become a new mode of growth hotspots, new industries, new formats, showed a rapid development trend.

From the perspective of total

, Changsha is currently the main market of 593 thousand households, the registered capital (gold) 1 trillion and 145 billion 360 million yuan, an increase of 17.4% and 55.5% respectively, of which 203 thousand enterprises, registered capital (gold) 1 trillion and 114 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 19.4% and 56.3% respectively. Changsha million per person in the market has a total of 811 households, equivalent to 12 people inside there are 1 bosses.

follow the trend of the times, innovation and entrepreneurship. But after all, venture capital, the majority of entrepreneurs in the business, the need for market research, to find their own entrepreneurial projects, in order to achieve their goal of getting rich!

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