Hebei colleges and universities set up a dark horse class to train professional Entrepreneurship

the majority of college students have become an important source of strength to supplement the entrepreneurial army, they use enthusiasm and knowledge continue to harvest in the entrepreneurial land. Recently, a university in Hebei opened a dark horse classes to help students build entrepreneurship circle".

There is a vibrant classroom

"dark horse" class – Business force

"dark horse class" was founded in September 2015, is called the business class, it is not a class, but the school specially established creating fertile soil. It is to cultivate a group of students, like a dark horse as a. The dark horse class has more than 70 students in the first semester.

Deputy party secretary Yang Yaowen

entrepreneurial dreams fall flowering

"Yue Yue tourism" is a family fun mobile phone APP software installed on it, can grasp the surrounding family travel information whenever and wherever possible, but also check the travel route, handheld registration. This is one of the development of Software Co. Ltd. many CRE Albert software project, will complete the delivery, and put into use; with campus cultural atmosphere of the campus "impression album" is the main product of campus impression. From shooting to provide clothing, selection of films, retouching, making this book, consisting of more than 10 people in the entrepreneurial team, light 2014 graduation season has 200 thousand turnover; provide places, tools and materials to create customized, let the students enjoy the process and experience of electronic enthusiasts and assembly, Cal Gen DIY electronic training suite guest Technology Co. Ltd. is selling technology and platform……

with high and new technology breakthrough, the face of small and micro enterprises, a lot of entrepreneurial dreams have fall flowering. Speaking of the entrepreneurial process, Wang Shuzhan students majoring in communication engineering also feel unbelievable: "just before the head full of ideas and creativity, now have a platform and the support of the school, even after graduation to entrepreneurship, employment will not worry."

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