2015 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair officially opened

want to start a business, a good and suitable business environment is essential. At present, China is constantly guided by various policies to optimize the entrepreneurial environment, in this regard, Chengdu based on innovative vitality, to build a suitable investment market for entrepreneurs.

11 9, the tenth session of the European fair and the 2015 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship Fair will be held in Chengdu exhibition center.

is different from the past, this is a "double" innovation and Entrepreneurship: the name of the 150 European companies, from the United States, France, Germany and other 30 countries of the government departments, institutions and business representatives, and Tel Aviv University in Israel, Finland Turku University of science and technology, Tsinghua University and other international and domestic famous universities representatives gathered in Chengdu, a global innovation the venture "Chengdu consensus".

behind this event, Chengdu is to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "and" target "to accelerate the construction of national innovation oriented city, build regional innovation center with global influence.


"Chengdu venture, venture into", this is a commitment to entrepreneurs. Chengdu continue to create a superior entrepreneurial environment, so that it truly become a city to do not want to go".

in February 8th this year, Chengdu city officially launched the implementation of the "Tianfu entrepreneurial action plan, and has formulated" innovative city construction planning "and" 2025 "venture Tianfu" action plan (2015 – 2025) ", the implementation of enterprise capacity building projects, industrial upgrading traction engineering, regional innovation demonstration projects, colleges in collaborative innovation the development of engineering, engineering, science and technology talent innovation environment optimization projects such as the" six innovation project ", and the introduction of 7 categories of 46 policies covering the whole chain of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"the new ecological innovation further formation, the basic construction of covering technology talent incentive, enterprise innovation capability, innovation carrier construction, transformation, the implementation of science and technology combined with the financial policy support system." Chengdu science and Technology Bureau official said. Chengdu city has also launched the "Jing Rong Hui" entrepreneurial city brand activities. As of now, "Jing Rong Hui" has been held 13 games, a series of activities the main activities of nearly 60, nearly 300 venture capital institutions, over 6000 enterprises and entrepreneurial team, more than thousands of young college students and entrepreneurs to participate in interactive.

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