Tencent announced the official opening of the QQ buy platform released after the Spring Festival AP

January 27th news, Tencent Inc announced that it will officially open QQ buy platform, which is followed by the QQ space, money paid through, after micro-blog Tencent once again open the product. QQ Group official said, QQ group will integrate IM, SNS, payment and other aspects of the service, to provide access to a group of service providers to provide solutions.

it is understood that the QQ group purchase will start after the Spring Festival will also step up efforts to provide quality, to conform to the standards of the group purchase website API access, also will be the first of the business categories and regions with excellent development and operation ability of the team to open.

this, Tencent Internet business system President Wu Xiaoguang said, open platform is an important direction for the strategic transformation of Tencent, buy platform is an important part of the open. Buy a lot of opportunities in the future market, user needs and geographical diversification, the entire market will accommodate a lot of different service providers. We want to buy service providers can make good use of the advantages of Tencent resources to provide users with quality service to buy, buy platform in QQ fair, efficient, open ecosystem continues to benefit."

Prior to this, Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent in a number of public occasions to talk about Tencent to carry out strategic transformation

. He said, Tencent hopes to build a platform to support all the innovative services partners." At the same time, he also proposed that the Internet industry chain is the establishment of a number of industry partners, any company is difficult to provide all the applications, and win-win cooperation will be the future of Tencent important corporate strategy.

this QQ is open to further deepen the sharing strategy. It is reported that the open platform QQ group purchase has been running for a long time, and have access to the F group, the joint purchase network, product, Qualcomm, blue Mommy chugaluging housing network, North Tianrun, science and technology, Department of the sea city media and dozens of partners. Shenzhen enjoys the responsible person, the company has created a single resource single day sales of nearly 2 million yuan record in QQ group purchase platform.

analysts said the group purchase market thousands of group buildings, the situation on the one hand to raise the cost of the user’s choice, on the other hand, the group purchase website in the construction of network infrastructure, such as the purchase of bandwidth, hire server etc. to put a lot of cost. In addition, the promotion cost is too high, the lack of security transaction security, the lack of effective customer communication tools have become a common problem faced by the group buying site.


said that the service online platform Tencent with massive users, one-stop, have the ability to reduce the loss of the entire value chain, the open platform will further promote the development of group purchase market, optimize the industrial value chain, to provide users with more choices.

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