Personal Adsense to carry out foreign trade e commerce tutorial

today, e-commerce has become familiar to everyone. However, many people think that e-commerce is difficult to make money, the price war is too fierce. In fact, the domestic electricity supplier is indeed difficult to make money, but we can put a little farther away, e-commerce is a good choice for foreign trade. For individuals, foreign trade e-commerce is also easy to operate. In fact, foreign trade e-commerce is not too far away from our personal webmaster, personal webmaster can also carry out foreign trade e-commerce. That alone on the strength of the individual webmaster how to carry out foreign trade e-commerce?

one, select the source of

the first step, but also the most important step, the choice of supply. What goods to sell in the future determines a lot of things, including how you carry out your marketing strategy, how much profit space, etc.. The choice of the source of goods in accordance with the two characteristics, first, the market competition is small, the two is a large profit space. A lot of people will think that this is not the same as the white say who do not want to choose some of the small market competition, large profit margins of goods sold, but it is often difficult to find such a commodity.

indeed, it is difficult to find these goods in China, basically you think people will think, so my advice is that he moved abroad, foreign trade of electronic commerce. Because of the differences of language, customs, culture and economic development, the information asymmetry situation at home and abroad have obvious, so in some areas of the country, the goods will have more advantages, such as labor intensive products, while Chinese competition may not be so fierce, because of the relatively few people who know a foreign language there is a difference, culture and language, so that the market competition is less intense. In addition, the profits, and the use of the yuan to earn dollars, the exchange rate multiplied by 6.5, the profit space suddenly came up.

so, choose the right supply of this is the most important, but also the basis of the entire foreign trade e-commerce.

two, look for suppliers and cooperate with them.


found the source, it is not difficult to find suppliers. However, there is a certain risk of developing electronic commerce, individual stationmaster single handedly is difficult to inventory, packaging, delivery, sales, customer service, responsible, well, the goods sold that would face a loss. So, here I recommend the practice is to cooperate with suppliers, inventory, commodity packaging, shipping, and even after-sales service, such as the work of the supplier, the personal webmaster is responsible for the sale of this link.

so when the order to let you do the supplier delivery, inventory management, on your own, zero risk to carry out foreign trade e-commerce, for the suppliers, they are by the inventory, so the two sides did not suffer. Another advantage of doing so is to make you more time to focus on network marketing.

you can make a profit sharing with suppliers to cooperate with you, of course, how the distribution of benefits depends on your talk with the supplier

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