2009T annual meeting of China’s information technology application

sponsored by the Tianji media group of "2009 IT Chinese – moved · action" held in Beijing in January 6th 09, the afternoon venue "in 2008 China information application conference by Tianji media group’s bit network host. As a company with more than 10 years of history of the veteran, veteran website, bit network (www.chinabyte.com) in the industry has a very high prestige and a wide range of user impact. In the current domestic IT vertical website, bit network is the only one focused on reporting IT commercial information, providing information services to the industry’s Web site, its professionalism without doubt.

IT is the most important and fundamental reason for the introduction of enterprises, is to promote labor productivity, improve efficiency, monitoring and improve service quality and service competitiveness, which is the embodiment of the value of IT applications. The integration of informatization and industrialization, not only has been written into the national major strategic guidelines, also become a major test of many enterprises are facing in the new era of development; how to promote independent innovation of enterprises by means of information and tools to improve the domestic enterprises in the global industrial chain, but also many entrepreneurs and CIO must face the mission. At present, the shadow of the economic crisis is enveloped the world, enterprises need more and more effective to highly improve the IT business process system, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, help enterprises to obtain sufficient development and growth space, to an invincible position.

based on the above reasons, the fourth "China information application conference theme was identified as the" integration of innovative planning future". At the same time, the annual meeting will be held in the year 2008 Chinese information outstanding contribution "," 2008 annual Chinese IT service innovation "," 2008 year China IT the most influential brand "award, to raise the industry and enterprise users for information further attention, and high order of business continuity, new content a generation of enterprise data center, information management, information technology has a profound understanding and forward-looking preparations, by example, the model of power to promote the excellent IT products and solutions, to build an efficient communication channel for the two common, sustainable development for Chinese enterprise information provide the power source.

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