Ali to seize the upper reaches of the powerful resources to jointly exclude competitors

Alibaba for the first time and home appliance giant Haier cooperation, creating a domestic business and home appliance giants cooperation precedent, and this foundation of cooperation is complementary advantages, the traditional home appliance giant or upstream enterprise brand, although the electricity supplier in the field to kill the idea, but in terms of technical or marketing channels, are difficult to and those who have become the platform for business giants to compete, and the giant business platform if the lack of upstream brand support, then the user is a lack of attraction. It is in this context, Ali and Haier hit it off.

3C Ali Tmall pain

3C now in the home appliance industry, the most competitive business platform is Jingdong, its sales and other upstream business cooperation scale are far more than Tmall, from this category, Tmall obviously do Jingdong. Of course, Tmall also has its own advantages, clothing and toys and other comprehensive categories, Tmall is still a dominant. But the cat in 3C has not exceeded the fundamental, there is no way to leveraging the Jingdong, which in turn can make Jingdong in other categories of force, leveraging Tmall’s advantage, to know the current Jingdong also began gradually comprehensive categories, coupled with its advanced logistics system, for Tmall, seems to have become the A competitor, this does not include Su Ningyun.

Ali and Haier cooperation, Tmall is clearly a proactive behavior, entered from a strategic defense to strategic offensive phase, from the control flow of the current electricity supplier on the Internet Ali, is still the industry leader in this advantage, can cooperate and upstream 3C manufacturers, 3C manufacturers for these it is clearly a wait, to know the current field of 3C is very competitive, an increase in sales channels, to increase competitiveness, seize more market, have the opportunity to become the industry leader, with ALI shouted, attracted the Haier golden phoenix.

strengths under the combination of prominent

Upstream of the

brand manufacturers cooperation, can let Ali get more high quality suppliers in a very short period of time, the risk of these brand resources on the one hand can curb the Internet users to buy fake products, on the other hand also can enhance the user’s confidence to buy, because after the development of open this year, the electricity supplier industry has caused chaos obviously, there are more and more fake products into the market, there are a lot of defective products as high quality products to sell to the user brings a huge sense of trust, and when the advantage of brand and brand strength after joining the electricity supplier, based on the current business environment can be improved obviously. After all, such as Haier and other brands have a certain degree of protection from quality assurance and after-sales service.

Besides the

, Ali and Haier cooperation, but also for the next rookie intelligent logistics network construction and lay a solid foundation, according to the intelligent logistics network rookie of the scale of construction, although Ali ambitious, but can not realize it is a realization, only.

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