Adsense network broadcast Baidu PC side search results are now fully withdraw from the abnormal Goog

1 China group purchase completed a cycle: look at those participants in the fate of

the development of the group is like a reincarnation, after experiencing a big reshuffle, we can not avoid the starting point, the use of the same way for the next round of competition. Not long ago, the U.S. group and the public comment have begun to put the line brand advertising, which seems to go back to the group in 2011 to buy the origin of competition.

China group to complete a cycle

"Jinling Yushu Ying Sheng Xiao, Qinhuai waterside bloom early, who knows easy deglaciation. When he saw Zhu Lou, he saw the banquet guests, watching him collapsed. This heap of moss green, I had slept romantic feel, watching the rise and fall of the fifty year full."

2 Baidu PC search results are suspected abnormal mobile search adjustment caused by  

A5 station network 6.3 afternoon news: do not know this time in the afternoon we use Baidu search is normal? Many friends have said that Baidu’s problems, even some people say: Baidu hung, Baidu put up! What was causing them to say


understanding of a friend may know that the recent frequent revision of Baidu revision, it is speculated that this problem is likely to be associated with the mobile version, because here shows the HTML version. It is possible that the results of the search will be different from the difference between the client that is displayed (the computer side, showing the PC page, the mobile terminal displays the mobile side of the page, the results are not cross) lead to problems.

3 affair website AshleyMadison in the mainland to prepare the

domain name?

news June 3rd, the famous foreign affair website AshleyMadison last foray into Southeast Asia, after landing in Singapore, Hongkong and other regions, the AshleyMadison website also intends to China, stationed in domain name, also has been registered.


affair website AshleyMadison in June last year, in Japan, August in Hongkong, November landing in Taiwan, but its landing in Singapore by the Singapore government blocked. Query by China renamed domain whois, domain name has been registered in 2010, had to jump

The release of

4.360 World Cup strategy Piero and fans "hurricane heartbeat index"  

Chinese May 30th news, the largest Internet security vendor’s products 360 360 mobile phone guards, 360 mobile phone assistant to join the Italy zebra Prince – Del Piero held "China shake together" and "God predicted to win the gold cup, the 2014 World Cup strategy > 360

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