Promotion of the electricity supplier business line play money better play creativity

said that much of the world, much dream, some people say that there is a house you, ok. On the mall, not all companies want to do 020, because just want to play online, which may be the original intention, there may be nothing, and lack of money. For most businesses, the pattern doesn’t have to be big, playing their own third of an acre is enough, just like that, you have a house, ok.


play online business, want to put the line? The answer is negative, the line for online diversion, also it is a wise choice. However, under the promotion of the line, the resources of the channel start-up enterprise electricity supplier is basically zero, this time how to do it? Money is not limited to the promotion of funds and can be extended for a long time, at this time how to do?

electricity supplier under the promotion of the line, play money, it is better to play creative.

shopping malls throughout the battlefield. More than a few years, but the figure of a music, during this period, met stiff publicity, also saw the classic marketing case, comparing the two, flourishing, his occasional leisure, but also think, if I am in a responsible person, how to do business online lead the line, the sale of. Thinking over and over again, only ‘creative’ two words! I am not willing to share a few ideas for discussion.

on the hot, whimsy world

after doing marketing is hot seconds, is also a pain point. Play well, all marketing publicity is enviable, playing well, but failed to be hit in the hands, attracted condemning anti incessant, its brand image and other losses, it is far more than a few pieces of goods sold and make up. The meaning is that the hot easy to follow, to keep the social morality of the people, for the bottom line.


remember that there was a period of time ‘aunt square dance’ lead to social thinking, so hot spots, how do you chase hot. If it is me, I rent a good indoor environment of large space for seven days, and a car to rent space each aunt invited even dance for seven days, during the lead media campaign, and please aunt collective playing advertising in front of the camera for your brand. Companies record a short video, the title itself, placed on its own platform and the major online sites.

benefits are three:

1, successful chase hot

2, promote brand positive energy

3, if the effect is good, when the flow of the platform to improve the quality of

explained: why do you say that you can achieve the promotion of brand positive energy? ‘aunt square dance’ cause attention is because the elderly leisure activities to respect, but also affected by others to be respected. How do you think your business, and implemented, although only seven days, but public opinion will praise.

online to sell goods, the line to send goods

to send goods to sweep the two-dimensional code is often, pure money, effect >

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