Alibaba group’s travel brand to go ah travel officially released


Alibaba group’s travel brand go to travel officially released

[TechWeb] October 28th news, Alibaba group’s brand go to travel today officially released, its predecessor is Taobao travel, launched in 2010. It is reported that, go ah, Alibaba will become an independent brand, is a subsidiary of Alibaba group’s brands, such as Tmall, Taobao, Juhuasuan and other brands, the domain name is Users can use the client at the end of the phone is called to go to travel".

and Alibaba’s many business models, like to travel to take the platform to provide services to consumers, which is not the same as many online travel sites. At present, there are tens of thousands of sellers on the travel platform, providing sales of air tickets, hotels, hotel reservations, vacation products sales, visas and other services.

talked about why Alibaba travel brand independence? It is believed that there are three points. First, the rapid development of tourism holiday market, consumer travel demand is becoming more diversified, out of vacation has become part of the daily lives of consumers. Consumers concerned about the travel booking needs, provide e-commerce services for them, with Ali "[email protected]" vision, can more deeply the full range of consumer services for people; second, Taobao travel after several years of development, has become a lot of users choose important holiday; and finally, they think of tourism the needs of users and the need for services and pure shopping users are different, Ali hopes to independent brand in the service to provide consumers with better service, more able to protect the interests of consumers, to enjoy the journey at ease, peace of mind. (Kevin)

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