How to get the target user resource quickly in product operation

products in the rapid access to the target user resources

we all know, covers a wide range of products operation, the whole process of it throughout the product, from the initial design to final sales promotion, generally want your products have a good sales promotion must be carried out on your products, so as to allow the product to gain more and more attention to. The product will spread. Although there are a lot of ways to promote the Internet, but most of the way to promote is the same, those who have less creative ways to promote.

digital cube today, but talk about the promotion, but to focus on the analysis of other aspects of how to quickly obtain the target user resources in product operations. This requires that we must identify the target user (the target user is refers to the enterprise according to their own ability to specific customers with a specific connotation of the product value, the specific customer is the "target user"), and for the promotion of, trying to attract more target users, the only way possible enhance product sales.

how to do it? Digital cube is summarized as follows:

1 accurately locate the target user group

different products sold in all walks of life, is not the same, the products you want to sell it? This is a very important problem, which determines your future marketing strategy and various promotion activities planning and implementation, can be said to be the key to the success of product operations. Identify the target user groups, then you have a consumer market for the product, as well as selling, it is to promote the marketing of the above things. How to accurately locate it? We can introduce the concept of Persona user portrait, that is, user information labeling. Consumer behavior, people’s consumption habits, social attribute analysis from big data, combining with the product itself, the audience of the product, and the two, are selected for their product user groups.

advantage is that the positioning of the user groups, but also for the future of marketing activities to promote the cost savings, more targeted, without having to sell a large network of product marketing operations. Often go to a number of forums, communities, etc., can be more direct collection of user needs information, often these information is more real, more capable of research, for us to locate the target user groups are also very helpful.

2 product information dissemination and update

determine the user groups, and then we have to build their own products, including the release of product information, product optimization and upgrading. We can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of similar products from each other. Only a comfortable product experience can capture the user’s heart, so that it can retain users, and then attract more users. We can target user needs, refining our product characteristics, so that our products can better serve users. The degree of user experience up, it will naturally introduce more attractive

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