Baidu announced the completion of the rectification search business promotion page does not exceed 3


technology news May 24th afternoon, Wei Zexi after the incident, the national network information office in conjunction with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the national health survey asked Baidu group rectification Commission was established, and put forward three requirements. Baidu today announced the full implementation of the rectification measures, the adjustment of the search page is completed, a day earlier than the date of commitment in May 31st.

Baidu new on-line page in the promotion of information, business promotion and other aspects of the logo have made major adjustments, which is also in recent years, Baidu made the most significant adjustment in the field of business promotion.

Baidu side said that the user experience is the supremacy of the adjustment in accordance with the only criteria, will be responsible for the user, so that users satisfied.

strictly limit the number of commercial promotion of all pages are less than 30%

from the beginning of May 17th, Baidu business promotion page gradually upgrade to May 17th, Baidu promotion logo full replacement, the original "promotion" logo replace all "commercial promotion", and change the font color, underline, with obvious difference in other regions of the shading color, not only words is more clear, new settings the buoy also clearly prompted the risk and user rights protection, highlighting the commercial property promotion content.

May 24th, Baidu full implementation of the number of commercial information per page of the proportion of less than 30%. After the equivalent of a new adjustment, each page up, down and the right side of the promotional information together will not exceed 4. A series of adjustment measures will give users more control, helps users obtain abundant information at the same time, more convenient in business promotion and natural search results, and the reasonable selection of information, rational decision making.


line of 2518 medical institutions to remove disease search sticky promotion

in addition to strictly limit the number of commercial promotion, optimize the show form, Baidu also adopted a series of measures to promote the rectification of medical information, and actively undertake social responsibility. In the joint investigation team during the investigation, Baidu has 2518 medical institutions, 126 million medical information offline processing.

at the same time, the new mechanism is the removal of a large number of diseases in the top search results page promotion content, to further improve the information presented in the form of. For example, users to search the "name of Peking Union Medical College Hospital" this kind of clear hospital, page will display only the natural result, will not be competitive advertising, the aim is to improve the relevance of user search results, convenient for users to quickly and easily access to relevant information.

issued a rigorous qualification audit standards from the source to ensure that the information is true and effective

in the user can not see the back end, Baidu also increased audit efforts, and strive to maximize the protection of information from the source to ensure the authenticity of the effectiveness. For medical, pharmaceutical, health care products, food four industries, Baidu business promotion to take a very strict review mechanism.

update the document in accordance with Baidu’s most stringent audit standards in history

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