120 thousand sell Tmall domain name Xiamen scholar president dubbed by Alibaba to cheat

                  domain name investment and trading is full of stories and suspense. By a few letters of the domain name, the price may be only a few hundred dollars, it may be more than one million yuan. The huge difference, look at everyone’s eyes.

, baijiale.com (baccarat) is a domain name domain name of Xiamen’s hand, transfer fee of up to two million. While the other has a higher value of the Tmall Larry domain, last year sold to Alibaba as long as 120 thousand yuan, is a pity.

baccarat sold 2289

"2289 yuan, the price can only say that in general." Yesterday, the original owner of the domain name: baccarat Xiamen 4vice President Zhuang Liangji told reporters in a telephone interview, the tone is rather dull.

in the well-known domain name business handled multi million yuan level domain, hundreds of thousands of yuan price can only be said to be okay. Last August, he transferred to Sina’s Larry domain huoxing.com (Huo Xing), the transfer fee of up to 5 million yuan, after deducting the cost of large, earned about 4000000 yuan.

, according to Zhuang Liangji revealed that he has six or seven years to hold the domain name, and was originally purchased from the United States a domain name, the price was about $1000.

baccarat English for Baccarat, a card game originated in france. Industry speculation, and now the domestic online games, small game platform to occupy the market, buyers may enable the domain name to launch entertainment casual gaming platform.

is said to be used to make an online supermarket domain name." Zhuang Liangji said, baccarat catchy, high visibility, used to make electricity supplier website domain name, is a good choice.

can not think of Taobao called Tmall

said that if the two million shot baccarat domain was decent, let Zhuang Liangji a little regret is actually sold to Alibaba Larry domain tianmao.com (Tmall).

, a subsidiary of Alibaba Taobao mall announced renamed Tmall. Although the official Tmall letter domain name is Tmall.com, but its Chinese Pinyin tianmao.com domain name also caused a lot of concern in the industry.

then there is news that Alibaba has won tianmao.com, but has not yet enabled. Tmall President Zhang Yong has said that the purchase of the domain name is a defensive measure.

only sold about one hundred thousand yuan, lost." Think of the situation at that time, Zhuang Liangji repeatedly lamented, even half jokingly said, was cheated by Alibaba".

Zhuang Liangji said he held Tmall Larry domain is also five or six years, was shot in November last year. At that time he offer about one hundred thousand yuan, the other to offer 90 thousand dollars, he added 120 thousand yuan.

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