Behind the good Lord those things and those ups and downs

good now, it’s not good at the beginning.

at the beginning, it was born in a small residential building, the room is very small, but the founder of the heart is great; now, good living in the bright senior office, very expensive, but in the capital will lose freedom.

good start from the beginning of the capital favored by the owner, from then on its fate is closely linked with the capital. Once upon a time, it is China’s largest professional online advertising company, is the industry’s well deserved Whampoa  military academy. But in the capital under the pushing, the star was shining pearl has changed hands several times, not only the founder who each home, and missed several times with IPO.

did not reach the expected height, the ups and downs of the good, and ultimately escape the fate of becoming accessories.

youth in a small house

good start in a building near the Fudan University in Shanghai, a 9 square meters of small house.

that was in 1998, graduated from the Department of communications, Shanghai Univer, Wang Jiangang just turned 21 years old, based on the enthusiasm of the network technology, he and his friends founded a good three. In the small room, there are only two tables and three computers, not even the toilet, to go to the toilet, you have to run a long factory on the toilet". In such an environment, good Lord began a journey in the domestic Internet advertising field.

does not have strong financial support, there is no management experience, four virtually all of the young people, just a stunt to display. They had to look for some privacy to keep the company.

in 2000, the Internet bubble burst, Wang Jiangang hesitate to dissolve in good when he met IDG capital partner Zhang Suyang. Wang Jiangang was very glad, in front of this gentleman was China minority can understand they are going to do what one of the people. Zhang Suyang knows what they’re talking about and doing. Unlike other investors, either smatter, or foggy.

although IDG cast only $2 million 400 thousand, but accounted for 90% of the shares. But for the four young people, have not seen so much money, his passion for things, someone money support, this is enough.

as a result of four people are lack of management experience, Zhang Su Yang decided to find a professional manager to take care of their daily operations. So, he thought when he was the general manager of DELL East China marketing Wang Dingbiao.

and Wang Jiangang, plus the wind chapter Su Yang, Wang Dingbiao heart, he soon decided ". His arrival, directly affect the good days after the personnel structure, eventually formed the backbone of the team can gradually dominate the Internet advertising industry.

as a good Lord’s first professional manager, Wang Dingbiao energetic and interested in a wide range of. In good Lord, he likes to communicate with Wang Jiangang. He often put the whims of market demand and changes in their told Wang Jian.

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