From the essential factor to promote the experience of network promotion

based website promotion has been for some time, I also from the rookie level glorious promotion to rare hand. Just began to promote can not clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and the website promotion way, every way to get the flow size also did not carry out the general statistics. And when it is not necessarily proportional to the amount of money, a large number of basic promotion for the relative proportion of the flow is not able to sum up the experience from the way, which led to a lot of useless. The enemy will be victorious, can only understand each method may bring the effect size efficiently to implement the basic promotion only in the clear, and in exchange for high flow and high popularity.

count based promotion way for 100, and every day I kept the way of promotion, fanchon was named one of the "highest price". Generally speaking, network is a network of the massive favorites, it is not subject to geographical restrictions, IP, the network information resources scattered on the destination and then finishing out together. The most important is that it can be shared with the network of friends, so that everyone in this shared read feeds also bring traffic to the site link site, thus forming an effective way of promotion. If the number of users using a net link when enough, fanchon station became a collection of various news portals. Furthermore, network promotion can also be included in the search engine page is increasing, because of its own advantages to make these richly endowed by nature, in the basis of promotion has became more and more important. Do the necessary factors and news promotion are similar, which can be summed up as the following:

, a popular group is the guarantee, prime time high efficiency

network site is not much, but in essence "". The high popularity of the site can bring traffic high popularity for you, this is the basic guarantee of the network. The relative network site popularity is not high, make great efforts to get the high popularity of the network site benefits much greater. The collection also feeds a prime time, according to the relevant statistics, in the morning 8:00 to add 8:30 network can not be the amount of information during the peak period of flood, the operation effect will be greatly improved.

two, the title of the article is the key, the role of the end label

in the URL to add quality content of this station, the title of the article should choose appropriate, not only to properly run on the basis of the original title, when the choice must also try to use those higher rates of search keywords, the title and content of the original novel, enough enough to attract people. However, the choice of title must not become the title of the party, this will only increase the user’s sense of disgust. There are some links of label options, add tags should be summarized the content should be as small as possible, the label also need to add more keywords, but also the best with the name of the station, which will increase the exposure rate.

three, vest jackets is the key, persevere is effective


group included can register several accounts, click repeatedly, collection, voting his article, "

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