Promotion analysis and experience sharing

do stand has been 3 years, portal station, industry station, entertainment stations, forums have done, but has not been more intimate contact with the enterprise station. Recently to help a friend to promote a business station, I have to share with you what I know. Only suitable for novice. First, I analyzed the other sites in their industry, query the top of the few stations, do not feel how, from the chain, update the content, Baidu snapshot, PR, are very general, basically made a mistake, is not to update the content and increase the chain Baidu, Google ranked, but by the time the old site.

site analysis begins:

1, choose your own keywords

under the analysis of their own web site, the enterprise is the key word of the sale of the product, and what I do is the key words: feeding machine, material rack, straightening machine. The feeding machine is the main product.

2, choose your own domain name

friends of the station’s name is Kim Zheng automatic stamping equipment Co., Ltd. (I just for the convenience of others to learn, if it is AD, you do not have to read). The choice of domain name can play a certain role in the optimization of SEO, it is best to use pinyin.

3, choose a good space

space plays a big role, if not stable, directly affect your site. Recommend the choice of formal IDC quotient.

4, select the program

This is not to say that the

program, I believe they have a good.

5, website content

There is a saying,

SEO in the optimization of the content is king, the chain for the emperor, to the importance of content, website content must be original, pseudo original, so I teach my friend add class capacity, such as feeding machine in time to add keywords, industry news, the search of feeding machine in Baidu, then two times editor, the head and tail modified intermediate can modify to modify the article title change, such as sending the original are: the principle of feeding machine, in which you can modify: experts say feeding machine principle, class notes to send material machine principle so, look at your own play.

6, the chain

just opened a new station, if you want to exchange with others is that it is very difficult, especially for a beginner, I, I know the webmaster friends more, all I do, and I do a one-way connection, so the weight is relatively high, if there are no conditions, can go to the A5 Forum in the point of connection. Can also go to the blog, the industry station, detailed in the following explanation.

down I share with you my promotion experience

for new sites, Baidu, Google included is the first step, but in this also don’t light to included and promotion, because to take into account the future ranking. That’s how I started.

1, go to the major search station

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