Lei Jun millet sold as selling health care products to participate Rice noodles

what is the most lacking in enterprise in twenty-first Century, most of which is to meet the needs of users. So it may be arbitrary, but just want to explain how important the user needs, let us look at an example.

health products useless? The old man is willing!

TV recently repeated exposure of some old man to sell high priced health care products marketing groups, their first general assembly of the organization, with a small gift to the elderly, then Aunt Uncle being, then lecturer began to introduce the outlook on life, view of health, and then sell the product, then the old people excitedly buy a home. Of course, these health products no effect, when similar things only in malted milk. But it must be said that the elderly spend money wronged it?. Old people get a lot, in fact:

1, get the attention of others, if there are regular activities, will receive regular attention and care;

2, a lot of old people together, with sympathy, with hot petulancy;

3, the master introduced the magical effect, so that the elderly have a positive attitude, with hope (positive attitude is very important to health);

4, tell them a lot of truth, get a set of theories and beliefs, so that their increase in spiritual wealth;

5, the worship of the people, which is also a kind of faith, the same strong their own psychological.

come back to, let us look at the Lei Jun millet millet fans to bring what:

1, gained the attention, millet through forums and other channels to allow fans to actively participate in, there is a sense of integration;

2, a lot of fans get together, resonate;

3, a variety of powerful performance of millet mobile phone, let the fans excited mood;

4, millet low price and high performance, has become a model, a theory, has a strong guidance and reference;

5, Lei Jun through each new release and delivery, to give you a sense of trust, trust, and faith.

said, I do not think what is wrong with selling health care products, do not think that what is wrong with selling millet mobile phone, can effectively meet the user’s needs, and have a certain effect, but the effect of health care products is weak, and millet or real IT products. Millet is not only the creation of products, more fans, and fans not only means sales, as well as the user’s enthusiasm in which, and the human emotions actually have a huge energy.

rice flour to participate in

"fans" is the English "Fans" (wild, love Italy, later extended to the fans, fans and other means), and fans (Fans Marketing) marketing is an enterprise to use the excellent products or well-known enterprises to draw huge consumer groups as fans, using powder > wires.

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