Jingdong electricity supplier cloud has been formally expected to become an important business suppo

[TechWeb] June 6th news, Jingdong formally launched yesterday, Jingdong electricity supplier cloud platform (jcloud.com), the cloud platform is expected to eventually become an important support for the development of Jingdong.

Jingdong has officially launched

cloud electricity supplier expects to business support (TechWeb above)

According to

reports, the Jingdong electricity supplier cloud is an open cloud information platform, has launched the Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong Zeus Yun Ding Qing, Jingdong cloud cloud sinks four solutions.

ISV and these solutions to the cooperation of individual developers, Jingdong, open system interface, service market, business application cloud hosting platform, cloud application development platform, community ecological environment and other electricity providers of cloud services, so as to form a complete chain of cloud services.

He Gang, vice president of Jingdong

introduction, opening up has become one of the important strategic Jingdong. All links including warehousing, logistics, operations, services and other Jingdong of the supply chain to open, but as a business, must by way of information open, with the API open cloud platform electricity supplier Jingdong is carrying an open platform, developers hope to have more and more Jingdong into the Jingdong business cloud application development.

"which will bring a win-win, for Jingdong, will open more applications, which will bring a strong impetus for the Jingdong’s business; for developers, will bring better benefits; for consumers, will enhance their shopping experience." He just said.

is reported that Jingdong has been used for the development of the interface to open to Zeus Jingdong, for example, the current upstream and downstream to provide 8 major categories of open interfaces for the more than and 150. (eight)

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