Website promotion to learn to close to their target users

on Saturday, inadvertently experienced a marketing behavior, as the marketing object thought is whether the marketing behavior can be website marketing model, whether the truth on the web marketing. In fact, eventually, any industry can learn from each other and learn from each other, can be said to exist everywhere around you a lot of marketing, business or non business activities are likely to be a promotion. Therefore, the webmaster should pay more attention to the other side of the industry and the life of the marketing principles contained in the continuous learning to promote the application of the site.

the thing is, on Saturday I went to the bus IC card charging. This is a common thing in our daily life, but because of a small detail that has never been before, I really thought about it. The charging is finished after the bus IC card, intended to take the invoice can be turned to leave, the staff has handed me two tubes of toothpaste. I was a little puzzled and asked what it was. The staff said it was a recharge, charge fifty yuan to send a tube of toothpaste two. Then I thought. This is heard, buy clothes to send coupons, charge calls to send salad oil, have not heard of bus IC card charging. When I got home, I took out my toothpaste and looked at it. It wasn’t like a well-known Crest, a well-known black label, but a brand that I had never heard of before. Look at the packaging can also, but with a very clear imitation of the feeling of well-known brands, a look at some small businesses are the production of cottage products, I do not dare to use. However, a careful consideration of this, the manufacturers do not do toothpaste, promotion is still very good. No business with conventional advertising promotion, but the United bus IC recharge department through donated by way of promotion, it can be said than conventional flyers and other behavior closer to their target users.

toothpaste brands like this, it is sure that the size of the business is not very low visibility. Want to open the market through television advertising, not only to creative advertising, but also requires a high capital investment. Do not get along with his wife and fold soldiers, the wrong choice of the TV station and playback time is not good, so it is difficult to operate. Outdoor advertising and flyers, the scope is too wide, the target user is dispersed, the advertising recognition rate is not high, easy to be ignored by the user, so the effect is not ideal. Which brand of toothpaste from the methods commonly used mall buying things for affordable, the use of public transportation IC card recharge, free toothpaste, success will be their own brands to target users, not only the brand gained publicity, and products are user trial, which can increase the purchase rate is more than simply advertising. Bus IC card recharge, it should be said that a thing is indispensable to people’s life, ordinary people are most often sit on the bus to work on the vehicle, so people often visit the bus IC card recharge point, something essential is the life of toothpaste, which is brushing teeth without toothpaste? The toothpaste industry competition, advertising is difficult to do is recognized. Small brands must find products and users close contact way to enter the market. Bus card recharge and toothpaste actually have the same target users, through the recharge >

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