rural electricity providers to help farmers enjoy high quality life

in this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Alipay red has become a new bright spot, it also marks the electricity supplier to become Internet era of the strong and important part of. In the current situation, the electricity supplier to rural areas has become the inevitable trend of development, many have developed a forward-looking vision of business and actively layout of rural electricity supplier market, a person with breadth of vision and expand to seize the initiative.

with the popularity of the network, the electricity supplier in the construction and development of all walks of life have been branded a deep imprint. Have not seen for a long time before the high school students, doing business in Shenzhen, currently in the village opened a small supermarket, the new home to see him, already is the famous even woman and children all know. Interestingly, the impression of the deserted countryside actually became a bustling. Familiar with the strange uncle aunt around a strange machine Poxian laughing, the small supermarket in a hot scene.

after understanding, the original students through the introduction of Wu rural electricity supplier, placed in the store shopping terminal, through a simple learning to re teach around folks, they meet the "money demand for online shopping, whenever and wherever possible, saving time and money. The students said, in fact in the rural areas of a large part of young people proficient in Taobao and other online shopping service in the village, but not to Express Co., a long delay in order to receive the goods is to personally go to town delivery, doing such online shopping is very inconvenient. But Wu rural electricity providers and logistics companies through private customized, personalized delivery plan, customer orders in shopping shops can be directly sent to the terminal, the terminal is located within 72 hours, a great convenience to people in rural areas of online shopping, shopping and bring more choice.

In fact,

students from Shenzhen had quit high paying jobs of their entrepreneurial family suffered no small resistance, after all, the village environment to see how Shenzhen is better than the big city advantage. However, the broad market has in the macroeconomic regulation and control policy and the countryside itself and the huge consumer groups, opportune are prepared, students saw opportunities from scratch, slowly development from the first customer side, has attracted the attention of the masses and the surrounding trust. Said the first customer after the introduction of Wu rural electricity supplier, or neighbor aunt Lee, don’t look at Aunt Lee has ben fifty age, but the ability to accept new knowledge and new things is very strong, not only through the shopping terminal Wu of the rural electricity supplier to his son bought the wedding gifts of Italy, also became neighbors instructor


now every day fair, the students open the small supermarket popularity is particularly popular, even a little local remote villagers, to choose the suitable goods through the market but also in the Wu rural electricity supplier shopping terminal, next time can get the real market. In the beginning, students also think, in the majority of folks, especially in older age groups, online shopping is full of unknown, so how to solve and give them enough sense of security? I am taking practical action in rural electricity providers farmers perspective they want and need urgently, with high-quality products and logistics services in the rural areas out of a road with characteristic >

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