Today’s headlines with false propaganda by Sohu sued claims 100 thousand


Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) with Sohu claiming to be "China first" and "customer first", today’s headlines with false propaganda by Sohu sued, and claims 100 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court has accepted the case.

"today’s headlines," said the Sohu for a long time, "China’s first news client", "the amount of the user’s first news client" claiming to promote their products. This is not only misleading consumers of products and services Sohu is the first, it is not appropriate to raise their own at the same time, the objective is also to belittle other products and services in the same industry operators.

today’s headlines that the behavior of the Sohu is not only a violation of the advertising law, also constitute unfair competition to the plaintiff and other enterprises in the same industry, damage to the plaintiff and other industries with the operators of the legitimate rights and interests, so the Sohu of Haidian petitioned the court to order the company to immediately stop acts of false propaganda, published in a prominent position for retraction of Sohu the web page, and compensation for economic losses of 100 thousand yuan.

at present, the case is under further investigation.

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