t’s so messy Under the negative news of the real estate agency

a few days ago, by the Shanghai authorities confirmed, the chain of home, Pacific, Ren Feng, Han Yu, I love my family, Jia Xin 6 brokerage enterprises through the relevant website released second-hand housing information, with fictitious housing, housing prices are way of false propaganda to mislead others vacuity. According to relevant regulations, the Shanghai Municipal Industrial and commercial departments of the above 6 brokerage firms were fined $130 thousand to $200 thousand.

it is worth noting that, after the chain of home valuation was as high as 40 billion. In twenty-first Century, the economic report wrote a report, citing a interested in the chain of a large home PE agency who said: after the valuation of 40 billion, too high, now cut to $33 billion." Negative news so that the chain of home lost 7 billion of the valuation of the whole, even if the valuation of $33 billion, has been very high, but the negative news of the real estate agents who really can make people feel at ease?

: the case of breaking the rental housing

didn’t come home for two months, but breaking into the house rental intermediary housing rent to others, the owner Ms. Wang would like to discuss that, but by the intermediary company Chengdu Soufangwang replied: sorry, we have the room number.

and after Ms. Wang accounting, two computers were removed, as well as brand-name bags and obligations, a total loss of about one hundred thousand yuan, the agency asked for compensation, but was told to compensate only $ten thousand.

case two: a room to eat chain home


Mr. Huang in the case of housing conditions did not pay a deposit, after the chain was informed that the home in addition to the housing mortgage loans. Mr Wong signed a house to buy a contract, and handed over the remaining nearly 70% 1629, a total of $2 million 800 thousand, also agreed to the contract, the money must be used to repay the bank and personal mortgage provisions.

Mr. Huang put money in two forwarded to the landlord, after the first hit the landlord’s account, found the landlord did not take the money to lift the mortgage, but the move he used to do. This resulted in a total of 2 million 800 thousand yuan can not make up for banks and individuals mortgage.

later Mr Wong found that in November 2, 2015, November 10th and December 10th respectively, the property seized the people’s Court of Pudong and the second city court, because the sale of party related business failure have owed 150 million yuan bank credit loans.

case three: the same room to eat two of the abundance of

Mr. Yang complained that last year, he was recommended by

estate, a set of second-hand housing in Hongkou District. As Mr. Zhuo of the house property and his father, the intermediary signed agreements when the real estate price agreed to 2 million 400 thousand yuan. The intermediary agreement signed on the same day, he had to pay a 50 thousand yuan deposit zhuo. The whole process is done in a free staff under the guidance of.

however, around October, the seller Zhuo told his father in the course of a sudden stroke stroke, unable to complete the signing

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