Registered network announced 394 million financing and renamed micro medical group


technology news September 24th morning news, registered network announced a new $394 million round of financing, by Hillhouse capital, Goldman Sachs investment led, Fosun, Tencent, China Development Finance joint venture.

financing, registered net plans to invest $300 million in the construction of the national Internet grading treatment platform, investment of $150 million ($94 million, from the current round of financing from the company’s reserve funds in an additional $56 million) in the five regional operation center national and excellent medical institutions to build, provide tours of medical and health services for 110 million medicine group users online.

also announced at the same time, registered net registered net parent company registered net limited company ( Limited) was renamed micro Medicine Group Limited (We Doctor Group Limited), including its 3 brands: Business Registration Network – micro medicine group Web entrance; micro medicine – micro mobile medical group Internet platform; micro ACO (Accountable Care Organization, medical liability of medical organization) – micro medical group health insurance system.

so-called micro medical ACO similar to the Internet, the United States Kaiser medical group to provide three units of medical services for the user to the family, precision health management, health care costs. And on the basis of the existing, will be on the platform of medical resources sink to the grassroots level, the micro medical platform for the development of the national Internet grading platform".

data show that the registered network was founded in 2010, is an online and mobile booking service website. The $2200 A round of financing and investment, the completion of the wind Cerberus investment in December 2010; January 2012 tens of millions of dollars B round of financing Morningside ventures; the $107 million C round of financing in October 2014 and completed the Tencent win fund industry, Fosun brothers capital, Morningside ventures, Qiming venture partners. (Pinellia ternata)

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