The gateway community wanted community sponsors

in order to enrich the activities of the community, for the majority of businesses a good display of their products / services / brand platform, the gateway community is now open to recruit community sponsors, sponsors can be business or personal, but also social groups; the total value of the prizes are not less than 500 yuan, the real / virtual goods, shopping volume discount volume can , prizes will be in community activities (including line activities) in the form of free membership to the portal. As the merchant’s return, who participate in gift sponsors, the gateway community will sponsor activities: naming rights and the value of advertising, word-of-mouth marketing, community well-known media reports and other forms of three-dimensional 360° promotion, help you communicate on the Internet the most activity and consumption capacity of the direct audience: webmaster group


sponsor qualification:

sponsors: enterprises, individuals or social groups can be

sponsorship gifts: physical, virtual items, shopping volume, discount volume can be

gift value: the total value of a single sponsorship prizes of not less than 500 yuan

sponsor registration:

intends to participate in the sponsors in the forum related articles list of posts, replies in the form is not restricted, can also pass through the station QQ directly contact the community official (close to heaven: 398000901, Kai: 1007518), we will finalize all relevant details by QQ and all the sponsors and to assist in the planning of each sponsored activities, of course only need to explain is If You Are The One, HoHo

at the same time, we welcome all have the shop or online shopping platform shop / treasurer / webmaster, join our online shopping portal alliance QQ group: 72782080, the store must provide the name or address of your friend, through the audit can join, where the portal net purchase alliance will have more classmates. Show the opportunity to help you communicate directly with existing community members (270 thousand increase in the… (~~


sponsor Award:

1, community naming rights

portal for all activities within the community, the corresponding gift sponsor will enjoy the activities of naming rights. And the activities of the prizes will be annotated below will indicate that the activities of the prizes sponsored by XX, the publicity link.

2, portal through advertising

complimentary formal cooperation sponsor gateway community posts within the top right advertising, text link ads, banner ads and other premium gold home position promotional opportunities (advertising will be based on the specific sponsorship gifts worth consideration).

3, community word of mouth marketing and media promotion:

includes community topic, highlighting the top and other community word-of-mouth publicity, as well as major IT, Internet, website promotion stationmaster media assistance, will bring a strong flow and the effect of publicity for each sponsor, and for your brand / product.

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