Why today’s headlines cover live this good card does not play

in the end of July I "Tencent, NetEase are doing live information, why not need network red?" asserted in the text, broadcast will become the major news client standard, August NetEase released a high-profile Skynet plan to enter the pan information broadcast, will be broadcast live from homemade and PGC two dimensions of force, and the upgrade to the platform strategy, confirmed my assertion.

major data agencies ranked in the news client Tencent boss though not yet announced news broadcast strategy, but has been muffled force, to live and live with attention unabated, news, recommended a parallel entrance in its App’s personalized information to the client in live video and daily express are.

however, in two NetEase and Tencent are in force on the move, another game player market information, today’s headlines to live but not hard, this is completely beyond all expectations.

yes, today’s headlines do not catch cold

can prove that today’s headlines on the live not cold, there are two points:

is a recent statement today headlines boss Zhang yiming. A few days ago, today’s headlines ushered in one of the most important public activities: Writing in the headlines, conference activities, Zhang Yiming announced that it will invest not less than 1 billion yuan to support short video creators within the next year, and declared that today’s headlines has become the largest short video platform, the daily average short video playback volume reached 1 billion times.

Zhang Yiming stood out to live in the tide of short video backing, gave a short video platform and creator of great confidence, after all, in the live fire after a short video on the bleak some short video benchmark to play live Papi sauce.

another is today’s headlines product level, live without any entrance. July today’s headlines video menu to "live volcano" a two entrance, this is a show broadcast platform, with little information relationship. Today, however, when I look at this entrance is gone. Yes, China’s second largest information client (QM8 month data), did not give a live menu, even if there are no menu level two.

today’s headlines occasionally do a live broadcast, such as Papi sauce, for example, writing conference broadcast headlines, but the Olympic Games this key live battlefield is absent, live and not become the focus of today’s headlines.

in the thousand broadcast war today, the major news client, micro-blog and other content consumption platform, and even Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers are doing App live, today’s headlines but not force, which is very unusual.

live this card can go out?

live fire has been needless to say, now live in intense competition, divided into three main battlefield:

battlefield is the first pan entertainment broadcast, such as games, live show, stars and so on, this stage staged "100 sowing wars", Chinese prickly ash, Ying guest Betta so have admission, the people live. At the same time, it is new and old

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