Secret millions of fans grassroots micro blog manipulator big account to raise money

you are playing micro-blog, micro-blog is playing you. Who is behind the millions of fans grassroots micro-blog who carve up the famous micro-blog account? How to make money quickly on the micro-blog entrepreneur exclusive decryption micro-blog business and micro-blog power spectrum.


you are playing micro-blog, micro-blog is playing you. Micro-blog decorate your life, you decorate the dream of others.

according to the "entrepreneurs" magazine interview, grassroots Sina micro-blog top 50, half of which belongs to the "Fujian Gang", Du Zijian, "wine red blue" each have a dozen.

"joke" – Sina micro-blog grassroots list first, 3091529 fans (as of April 22, 2011), to the "Reference News" — this China the largest circulation newspaper circulation. Behind the blogger Yin Guangxu is a 85, Fujian, remove the "joke", he also has 3 additional millions of fans of micro-blog.

Yin Guangxu is not a person in combat, behind a huge and secretive micro-blog Fujian gang". Angel investors, known as the king of the station, Cai Wensheng is not only the investor of Yin Guangxu, but also the first person to control the number of fans Sina micro-blog arena. A senior person engaged in the micro-blog marketing industry said, Cai Wensheng has the account control at least 1/8 Sina micro-blog users, and a peer Cai told "entrepreneurs", Cai’s account has at least 20 million fans.

micro-blog is the second largest arena sects in Beijing Huayi baichuang Media Technology Co. Ltd., said they have roots in the top 50 Sina micro-blog 15, the head is as a wandering singer, had a beauty contest in Guizhou odd man Du Zijian. Angel investors Xue Manzi has teamed up with BlueFocus PR company, respectively, to 2 million 500 thousand yuan to subscribe for 24.5% shares of Huayi hundred record.

"wine red blue", real name Xiao Junli, a single mother, once famous webmaster, is now Yangzhou Scheherezade Enterprise Management Co., founder of micro-blog, ranked the third largest arena sects, like Yangzhou, active in the Yangtze River Delta, "global fashion", "love story" more than and 100 accounts, which has already exceeded digital fans 7 million.

quietly between the three sects of micro-blog in the world has formed a strong. If you like, can be understood as the three major marketing group, or the three media group. Their power and influence are beyond your imagination. The so-called onlookers change China, in 2009 China’s micro-blog users 8 million, up to 125 million in 2010, and the rapid growth of more than 10% per month. For the "micro-blog Fujian Gang", Du Zijian, "wine red blue" of the three major sects, micro-blog has business secrets is, micro-blog is the brand marketing, micro-blog is trading with the devil faustus. When China’s micro-blog platform has not been like Facebook or Twitter to find the direction and profitability

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