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A5 (admin5.com) station network news July 21st, the second session of the Chinese Chinese characters dictation conference "universal Wu heat frozen Chinese characters action" has been officially launched, every week will be selected a "frozen" word, through television, newspapers and network transmission, stimulate people interaction, let sleeping in the ancient text can be revived and truly alive.

days ago, the Internet mainly involved in WeChat, micro-blog and Sogou input method input forward core words and so on.

activities easy to participate in the threshold is almost zero, the general director of the activities off the text, said: big data is automatically collected through the internet. You forwarded the WeChat, micro-blog, Sogou input method input key words, will directly change the temperature of the vocabulary. In the program, we will publish each stage of the heating results."

even if you just look at these words, are involved in the cover heat".

second frozen Chinese characters case:

Sogou input method Chen Qi said: This is a meaningful thing. Many people think that a keyboard Pinyin input method and handwriting program Chinese characters is hard to get a go, but we know and understand more Chinese characters in words found in common, so that the keyboard input can contribute to the construction of native culture, we hope this event will be long stick. Let more people know more words."

keyboard, forget the word pen meet the eye everywhere situation, this activity is focusing on the traditional classic, Chinese deep traditional cultural value, though, can be realized for the cold Chinese characters with a little temperature, small groups can also gather into a large force, use keyboard to move it.

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