Wo Wo Group PO was the main underwriter veto responded that not easy to comment

January 30th, Orange Hotel market director Chen Zhong released a message from the investment bank at micro-blog, said that "after the handle network crashed IPO, Wo Wo Group’s IPO has been rejected in a recent Merrill Lynch UBS, Merrill Lynch also exit the underwriters."

May 25, 2011, Wo Wo Group held a Wo Wo Group IPO to start the press conference, announced the launch of IPO program in the United states.

in July 27, 2011, a number of media reports at the same time, the United States listed Wo Wo Group is planning for a variety of issues, by Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and other underwriters refused to listing business.

but on the same day, then Wo Wo Group PR Director Mengda of Chinese soup Capital Securities said, according to the legal requirements, contact the company and underwriters is now can not be disclosed, but now everything is in steady progress, not affected in any way, Wo Wo nets had responded to these rumors. Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong said on micro-blog, "recently some friends and the media and I understand the Wo Wo Group IPO schedule, I tell you, the Wo Wo Group IPO is in accordance with the original plan, the relevant provisions of the laws of the United States, to disclose the relevant details, including investment banking."

January 30, 2012, the well-known IT commentator Jia Jinghua micro-blog also said, according to his understanding of the details of the Wo Wo Group IPO program, is the lead underwriter’s veto in January 16th; while Wo Wo Group CFO Wu Mingdong from Merrill Lynch, but due to lack of confidence in the financial situation and development prospects of Wo Wo Group, Merrill Lynch had quit.

Jia Jinghua also said, "if the Wo Wo Group IPO restart, shall submit the annual report in 2011, because of the financial Q4 worse, success is almost zero". Finally, the laments, "shake handshandle network and Wo Wo Group IPO Groupon failed, the issue price hovering, group purchase very cold".

January 30th, Wo Wo Group spokesman Yang Guoqiang CEO, assistant of Chinese Capital Securities said that this is not convenient to comment.

on the same day, China capital securities network to a number of insiders and investors to verify the relevant information, but as of press time fashion has not been confirmed.

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