Count the 2014 video industry Farewell to Nora striking one snag after another YYeTs


in retrospect at the end of 2013, the major video website content battle continued, "the sound", "Dad where to go to" successful variety new season about who gets the industry has become the hot topic, independent broadcast copyright fee record is constantly refreshed, a few words from the marketing on frequent, striving to have the innovation strategy for the future or inevitably around the content as the center and take cities and seize territory.

The content of

in the dispute, the website still enthusiastic, changed and many of the storm in 2014 to allow an outsider to the writer have lamented the development of the video industry is indeed striking one snag after another year.

: a new wave of industry consolidation, the last bus


bring forth the new through the old, old man wins a new generation.

2014 in the video site, with reference to a distraught Nora, once the grass root welfare camps eventually stepped down from the altar, it is lost to the copyright, although have tried to wash white, but also irretrievable.

said that if the server is seized by the end of 2013 as foreplay, Wang Xin was caught completely declared Nora really has left us, leaving competitors more is in awe of the content.

in addition to Nora, the remnants of copyright also affected the subtitle website in China, one of the earliest established and influential subtitles group and everyone in the film subtitles Chinese exchange platform have also staged a subscene song and everyone scattered drama.

Comparison of the

off station after a deserted house, "she" probably much more respectable, and may be able to regain rally turnaround, but this is only possible. 4 years ago, $80 million acquisition of 56 nets, and 4 years later, 56 were sold for $12 million 900 thousand to Sohu video, which is following the merger Youku potatoes, Iqiyi’s acquisition of another milepost PPS after mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Everyone’s performance can be seen on the list, for the support of 56 networks, Renren social dividend or strength is not enough.

still remember the beginning of the video Sohu head Zhang Zhaoyang also told the media that "no video Sohu merger plan, will focus on the development of media entertainment." In the face of reality and the need of enterprise development, the face is sometimes necessary.

even to dream of claiming to be a grand 641% shares will be sold by the voice and video text chat tool iSpeak founder Xu Xudong pick up the disk, after the completion of the transaction accounted for about 30% of the grand stock. For the club changes, cool 6 will usher in a new round of personnel changes. Was sold by the news of a public, cool 6 destiny is even a bit unfortunate.

has been the video industry is to allow enterprises to love and hate, so profit is scanty, even better known as soil industry leader said that although at the beginning of this year will realize a profit, but also by the reality hit the face. In spite of this

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