These 15 pieces of evidence can explain why ghosts ads also convinced

good trouble, but also for her husband.


watercress score climbed to 9.1, it took only four sets of

in the absence of any television channel or video website official introduction to the case, a South Korean film, South Korea broadcast native Korean – "lonely and brilliant" in God: Ghosts of my heavenly fire a solid:

it every day on the hot search, weekly headlines, thousands of girls young passion, melt the entire barrage.


you gave birth to me, and I was born old. Even if you were old rival, no less

for the high God drama, had been taking various different postures of in-depth analysis of the "ghost" "why so fire" of the world mystery — actors, plot, music, style, color, composition…… TOP Jun today from the marketing point of view, why other people’s home advertising can also play the audience did not temper.

talk about the topic before literacy

from the stage to behind the scenes "ghost" combinations called Korean top with: "Busan" the actor Gong Yoo + "my girl" male Lord Li Dongxu "cheese + trap" female main gold + "which help you come from the stars", "secret garden" female with Liu Renna + "the sun" the descendants of the scriptwriter Kim Enshu.


, however, has a name, than this string of dazzling star list, founder of tvN casts a thousand beams. more.

it is a South Korean cable television, with strong content for productivity, there’s a popular variety such as "in the mood", "sister three meals", such as "hit 1988", please answer "signal", "Queen inhyeon man", known as "the conscience of the industry," the explosion of manufacturing machine ", is a South Korean television’s a gilded signboard, perhaps similar to the U.S. HBO status about our country, the midday sun.

sponsors a lot of money, it is into the pocket of the company. According to tvN, a South Korean entertainment group CJ E& M2016 first quarter report shows that its TV channel business sector revenue rose 74.3% over the same period last year, reaching $68 billion 600 million won.

tvN in the "ghost" also has the appearance of


first set to save the woman before the female ghost uncle mistress, is sitting on the anniversary of the tvN10 brand to drink.

Regardless of the number of

or amount, "" ghost advertising hit drama peak

so-called tvN produced, will be fine. Everyday people casually shoot a drama can win the ratings winner, under a big effort.

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